About us

Jump Start Educational Institute was founded in 1991.

The institute is consisted of two major systems: Jump Start and Head Start. Jump Start is the name of the full day kindergarten system. Head Start is the name of the afternoon and evening elementary system. Both are immersion schools where children are immersed in an English environment to help them acquire the language through learning in different subjects.
Jump Start Educational Institute strives to provide an enriched learning environment in English for our children and their families. We emphasize balanced growth – linguistically, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially - for all students. We are committed to maintaining a caring, warm, and creative environment that promotes a love for learning by nurturing the uniqueness of each child.
Jump Start has also been working to improve its operating procedures and has restructured its management to match its growing size. As Jump Start grows, we want to ensure that we are able to maintain a high standard of education and continue to attend to each student's needs.

伯克徠全美語教育課程, 含括教授Howard Gardner倡導的多元智能