• Ian Wu, age 5

    Friday, November 28th Today, Dennis brought a spider and a bat for show and tell.
    Monday, December 1st Vivian’s daddy brought her a special, fun toy game box.

  • Sean Han, age 5

    Good Morning Times
    News Reporters
    Brandon is the reporter
    Brandon went to McDonald’s and made a snowman
    And saw Dennis

  • Tiffany Chan, age 5

    The cat is big, the cat is large.
    The bus is loud, the bus is noisy.

  • Peter Wu, age 12

    What would I do if I could have the perfect day? That is a tough question to answer because I think I’ve already had the perfect day. It all started with a trip in a hot air balloon over the Indian Ocean…

  • Judy Yang, age 8

    I am going to tell you about my enormous pet. My pet is five. She has big eyes and a large mouth. She also has a turtle shell and a dinosaur tail. My pet has some thin fur on her shell. She has big ears and leopard feet. My pet likes to lick me and sniff me when I go home.